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Stress Analysis of Large Diameter Pipe Interface Structure of Boiler Main Steam Pipe

The “four tubes” safety of the boiler is related to the economic and safe operation of the boiler. In order to ensure the safety of boiler steam pipe large diameter nozzle welding place, the structural stress analysis of the special large-aperture nozzle pipeline designed in a boiler enterprise's design process is studied in this paper. In the case, the allowable angle of the pipeline exceeds the direct calculation range of JB4732-1995, therefore, the ANSYS finite element analysis method is used to calculate the structural stress of the pipeline, and the stress evaluation is carried out. The results show that the finite element method can effectively calculate the pipeline structure's stress calculation. In order to meet the requirements of JB 4732-1995 for the evaluation of various types of stress intensity step by step, the film bending stress is treated as SIII, and the conservative treatment is controlled by 1.5Sm, therefore, the finite element analysis results of the pipeline show that the maximum equivalent stress is 176.22 MPa, which is located at the connection between the large nozzle and the main pipe, and the larger the diameter of the pipe nozzle, the higher the equivalent stress. The stress evaluation results of the pipeline are evaluated according to the third stress intensity, and the strength of the analyzed parts meets the standard requirements.

Large Aperture Takeover, Finite Element Method, Stress Analysis, Stress Evaluation

Chen Ye, Zheng Nenghong, Yang Rui, Xia Fengbing, Liu Tao, et al. (2023). Stress Analysis of Large Diameter Pipe Interface Structure of Boiler Main Steam Pipe. Journal of Energy and Natural Resources, 12(1), 1-6.

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