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Development and Optimization of Traction System for Heavy Engineering Machinery

The traction system of heavy equipment is a key part of the heavy engineering machinery and the traction ability of the heavy engineering machinery have high requirements for the overload capacity, reliability, maintainability, cost, and other aspects of the walking part. With the development of electrohydraulic technology, the traction technology of heavy equipment has also been continuously improved and the driving mode of the traction part has also developed from hydraulic driving to AC variable frequency driving. Engineering machinery is early generally driven by a fuel engine through a transmission shaft, gearbox, drive axle, and wheel reducer to complete the equipment. Heavy truck, bulldozer, tunneling machines, anchor excavators and shuttle trucks are commonly used heavy equipment in mechanized mining and rapid excavation of mines. Their traction performance plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of working face excavation. This paper introduces the traction system of heavy equipment and compares the hydraulic drive system and electric traction drive system for them. The design scheme of the electric control system and the traction converter system is analyzed and a optimization scheme of the traction converter system is proposed. The optimized frequency converter adopts a modular assembly structure, which is convenient for installation, debugging, and after-sales service. Field application shows that the optimized frequency conversion system improves production efficiency and reduces failure rate.

Heavy Engineering Machinery, Tracking Drive Unit, Converter, Development Optimization

Tian Kejun. (2023). Development and Optimization of Traction System for Heavy Engineering Machinery. Journal of Energy and Natural Resources, 12(1), 7-11.

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